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The Blank Agency is the creative union of makeup artist and stylist Erica Stewart with cinematographer Noel Maitland. Erica Stewart Born into a musical family and growing up surrounded by musicians, it is no wonder that Erica has lived a life dedicated to the arts. After a surprise discovery of artistic ability in her teens she went on an art bender to soak up as much knowledge and culture as she could, finally resulting in studies of still-based media studies for photography and fashion design. This led her down a path that would eventually open up a world of wonderment and "dress-up" working in the face-paced world of beauty and style. her work can be seen at www.epixa.net Noel Maitland Noel is an award winning cinematographer of music videos and film, having worked for directors such as Jason Fijal, Joshua Butler, Malcolm D. Lee, and Karyn Kusama. Fashion has been an ongoing interest in his career, set into motion with his partnership in The Blank Agency. For Noel's other projects, please visit www.noelmaitland.com connect with us